Thursday, May 2, 2013

Question on Rechargeable Battery- Nominal Voltage

Many customers ask what is the difference between 7.2 volt and 7.5 volt two way radio batteries. Or why does one manufacture state the battery is 7.2 volts compared to 7.5 volts.  It can be confusing and here is why. Your two-way radio battery is a pack made up of, in this case three NiCad cells. Some manufacturers calculate each NiCad cell as 2.4 volts where another will calculate 2.5 volts per cell. So 3 x (2.4 volt cell) = 7.2 volts or 3 x (2.5 volt cell) = 7.5 volts.  Wikipedia describes NiCad cells having a nominal cell potential of 1.2 volts

 The question asked by customers is why the Motorola battery with the same part number, that you are trying to replace, may have a different voltage listed on it compared to when you purchased the original battery. Motorola understands this and has decided to no longer list the voltage because of the confusion.  When looking to replace your existing Motorola Two-way Radio Battery with the same part number battery, then order by the part number and don't worry about the voltage.  If you are looking to upgrade your existing battery, then look at the batteries listed under the RADIO MODEL.  All batteries listed under your radio model will work, again regardless of the Voltage listed.

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