Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Second installment of the 'better' battery issue...

Yesterday we talked about the technology of the battery and what's 'better'.  Tonight we'll look at the mAh as the 'better' part of the 'better battery question'.  Very often we'll get a call asking for the highest mAh battery that we offer for a particular Two-way Radio because the user views it as being a 'better' battery.  In a lot of cases the user may not realize what mAh really means.  mAh (milliamp hours) translates to the amount of talking and receiving that you can do on the battery before having to charge the battery.  The higher the mAh, the longer you can talk and receive before having to charge the battery.  However, if you don't USE them all, then it's a waist having them.  In other words, if you are putting your battery in the charger after every shift, then a 1200mAh is more than enough for that 12 to 18 hour shift.  If you are going to DRAIN the battery all the way before charging it, then it makes sense to go with the higher mAh because you can talk much longer before having to charge the battery thereby extending the life of your battery in 'years'.  In this case, you may not charge the battery for a few DAYS depending on the usage of your Radio and the drain on the battery.  Aftermarket companies will often use the higher mAh feature as something with which to draw in the customer to detract them from staying with the OEM version of the battery.  Again, if you are not using the mAh then it's wasted and will not extend the battery life in YEARS.

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