Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is this a better battery? What does that really mean...

I get this question a lot..."is this a 'better' battery".  In most cases the individual asking is usually referring to one of two things...either the technology of the battery (NiCad versus NiMH or LiON) or mAh (the thing in a battery that tranlates to the amount of talking and receiving you can do on a battery before having to charge it up).  Tonight I'm going to tackle the first item...the battery technology and wether it's a 'better' battery.  As we all know 'better' is a relative term.  Most of us look at the NiMH and LiON battery as being 'better' because it doesn't have the memory issues as the NiCad battery.  But is it actually 'better'?  If you, as the user of your battery, is draining your battery before charging it back up again, then NiCad is always the way to go because you can charge the battery 1,000 times before having to replace it, AND a NiCad battery in almost all cases is a less expensive battery. If you don't have the ability to drain your battery before charging it up, then NiMH or LiON is the way to go.  You can only charge it 500 times before replacing it, but if you can't drain it before charging it, and you don't have a Battery Maintenance System to remove battery memory (which is not available for cell phone or PDA batteries), then go with the NiMH or LiON battery...in the long run you will save money.

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  1. What about the actual "life of the batteries" between charging? I checked your other posts and did not see it. How do the different types of batteries stack up in terms hours of usage?


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