Monday, November 21, 2011

Alkaline Batteries...are they all alike?

Most people are unaware that there are 3 grades of Alkaline Batteries.  Generally speaking the first and lowest grade is usually found in your convenience stores, the second grade is usually found in your mart type stores and the highest grade alkaline batteries are NOT sold in a retail outlet; you must purchase them from a company like AGT Battery Supply.  They are high performing and will last longer than the other grade alkaline batteries.  Not all Alkaline battery manufacturers have the Industrial grade batteries.  Two, that we find are the best are the Duracell Procell and Energizer Industrial.  Unfortunately, like other products, there are knock-offs of these brands made to look the the 'real thing' but they're not.  Make sure to purchase them from a reputable, trusted source and you will get the authentic battery.  In this case, you get what you pay for!


  1. What about the "Energizer Lithium" batteries that I see displayed in various stores?

  2. Drew: I did answer this question but it appears that i must have done something wrong and it didn't post.
    Energizer makes a AA and AAA Lithium battery. They are more costly than the alkaline battery but are recommended for high drain pieces of equipment like digital cameras as well as items used in extreme temperatures as they respond much better than alkaline batteries in extreme temperatures. In addition you don't have to change out the lithium battery as often as the alkaline. Again the lithium are a much higher priced item so you have to weigh the benefits of lithium to see if it warrants the extra cost. Hope this was helpful...let me know if I answered all the questions you had about this item.


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